• Name: Tony Leardi
  • Expertise: Fragrance; Fragrance Technology; New Product development; Laboratory design; Recruiting and Operations
  • About Tony Leardi: Tony Leardi has spent over 30 years the fragrance industry at several leading companies including Takasago International, Givaudan and Hercules Fragrances, now a part of Symrise. He began his career creating fragrance product formulations for Avon Products, Inc. His interest in fragrance materials led him to the fragrance supplier side of the industry where he directed laboratories for fragrance applications, perfume compounding, and new product innovations. He has patents for several air freshener devices and baby products and has gained insight into Scientific Aromatherapy using brain wave measurements to determine human reactions to fragrances and their components. He now provides consulting services in the fragrance industry to companies needing expertise in fragrance technology, new product development, and laboratory design, staffing, and operations. Tony Leardi has extensive experience in the fragrance industry evaluating the odor and performance of fragrance materials in finished applications and finding new and innovative ways to use aroma materials.
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