• Name: Simon French
  • Expertise: All things Fragrance including Product Development; Design; Market development; Strategy; Training; M&A and more.
  • About Simon French: Simon joined his first Flavor & Fragrance company in 1975 in UK and has worked at all levels of the industry, including Creation, Production, Sales and Senior Management. He has coordinated and led regional and global activities with leading Fortune 500 companies for Givaudan and International Flavors & Fragrances. These have resulted in many successful market products considered consumer classics. Simon's passion for Fragrance, Products and International Business has enabled him to live in several global locations including Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, United States and now Barcelona, Spain. In 2012 he founded his own Fragrance consultancy business, Perfumistics. His extensive global experience has assisted companies in all aspects of the Fragrance Industry, working with Fragrance Houses, CPG’s, Contract Manufacturers, Technology companies and independent Fine Fragrance houses. In addition to fragrance and product design, He has been instrumental helping companies improve internal efficiencies eg logistics, the decision making process, company structure and cost savings programs. He also initiated and was part of a highly successful acquisition in the fragrance industry. With Marcela he also developed his own qualitative fragrance selection technique, which has been used by several companies. Simon works with different companies to train teams in all aspects of fragrance. He co-owns a niche premium Men’s shampoo brand, developed for the China market and continues to develop his own fragrance business, EventScents™. Simon is married to Marcela. He has three daughters and a Labrador. He still loves (proper) travelling, is addicted to golf, Asian cuisine of all types and of course an undying passion for fragrance.
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