Expert Network

The Opportunity

SME players in the industry are finding themselves increasingly under threat as a result of industry consolidation and the larger competitors encroaching in their market space. They lack the resources to compete effectively and mostly rely on exceptional customer service and/or some form of innovation. The markets of North America and Europe are mature with growth rates at only 2% to 3% and so international markets are looking more attractive so many companies are looking to International expansion but don’t know how to start.

M&A activity is picking up again and there is a lot of interest in the industry from Private Equity and Strategic investors but sellers don’t know how to sell their businesses.

There is also a growing interest amongst SME’s to also acquire smaller businesses as well.

The Solution

A collaborative global network of experts, with the knowledge, expertise and contacts to assist SME’s expand internationally, solve operating problems and compete more effectively.

Expert networks are not new but an expert network that specializes in one industry would be – built on a network of consultants who have a deep industry knowledge and track record of success.

Each member of the network has extensive industry contacts and are in a great position to not only identify projects for their own area of expertise but also for the network in general.

This allows each consultant to monetize their contacts across all areas not just their own area of expertise.

A collaborative network is the best way to share in opportunities developed within the network and also allows sharing of best practice and methods of operation so there is no need to reinvent the wheel to set up your own consultancy company as the network can operate under the existing umbrella of Focus International.

The Global Collaborative Network

The plan is to establish a number of network units under the Focus International brand or as a less formal group or even welcoming existing consultancy companies to the network. Whatever the structure this will depend on the ultimate objectives of the network unit founding members.

Focus International will act as the Network Manager and design and manage the network in such a way that all members will find value interacting with each other in a collaborative way.

The objective of each network unit is to seek out and identify projects both domestic and international and complete project work either sourced locally or originated by other network members. A compensation structure will be agreed upon to ensure that all network members benefit from each project where they have involvement as the project originator or as a consultant completing the project.

Do you have what it takes?Apply to join our expert network

We are looking for industry experts with 20 plus years of experience to join our global expert network. If you are already consulting or are about to start and need help in growing your income then we would like to hear from you.

There are limited associate roles available depending on location and skill sets so please click on the button below to learn more about how the network operates and allow us to get to know you better to see if we are a good fit.

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