How We Work

Focus International is a global collaborative network of industry experts who have all had very successful careers and have much more to offer. With an average 25+ years of experience, our industry experts provide both critical advisory services and the capability to execute on their recommendations.

We solve our clients’ most pressing problems. We define clear objectives, create actionable plans and deliverables and achieve desired results. Based on your needs, we can team up to execute on a broad range of initiatives, serve as experts to advise on critical strategies, or augment your internal capabilities on a flexible basis.

Most importantly, we are able to quickly mobilize high-caliber talent and adapt and scale to your specific needs.

Our experts can be utilized in a number of ways as illustrated below.


Our experts are ready to support clients on a project by project basis, for short and long term needs as well as interim, part time and full time positions.

Our fees are value based and charged on a project basis, retained basis or success fees or a combination of the above – each project is unique. Our aim is to achieve an ROI of 5 to 10 times your investment, depending on the type of work required.

Our Experts

  • Name: Trevor Rahill
  • Expertise: International BusinessDevelopment; Finance; M&A
  • About Trevor Rahill:

    Trevor has more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles in the Flavor & Fragrance (F&F) and Food…

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  • Name: Dr. Roger C. Hammond
  • Expertise: Research & Development; Patents; Technology Due Diligence; Regulatory; TQM
  • About Dr. Roger C. Hammond:

    Roger is a UK educated Microbial Biochemist with 35 years’ experience in the food industry. He has personal research experience…

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  • Name: Tony Leardi
  • Expertise: Fragrance; Fragrance Technology; New Product development; Laboratory design; Recruiting and Operations
  • About Tony Leardi:

    Tony Leardi has spent over 30 years the fragrance industry at several leading companies including Takasago International, Givaudan and Hercules…

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  • Name: Adnan Secic
  • Expertise: All things related to Sensory; Consumer Insights; Statistical analysis; Product development; Opportunities where sensory and consumer product testing can be used more effectively.
  • About Adnan Secic:

    Adnan is the founder and President of AS Research & Analysis, LLC – his company provides a full range of…

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  • Name: Hilary Kevin
  • Expertise: Management Consultant; Market Research; Process Improvment; Business turnarounds, Strategic development.
  • About Hilary Kevin:

    Hilary Kevin is the Managing Director of Focus International (Singapore). A specialist in marketing, strategy development, and strategy execution he…

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  • Name: Simon French
  • Expertise: All things Fragrance including Product Development; Design; Market development; Strategy; Training; M&A and more.
  • About Simon French:

    Simon joined his first Flavor & Fragrance company in 1975 in UK and has worked at all levels of the…

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